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Here is my 1st Release:


Billy the Kid by Chris LeDoux

Here is my 2nd Release:


Where the Stars and Strips and the Eagle Fly by Aaron Tippin

Video Lessons by Saddlebrooke Squares on Links Page

Florida Georgia Line's Cruise produced by Wade Driver at Rhythm Records

Line Dancing

I can also teach Line Dancing. I have dances that range from Easy to Intermediate. I have done groups as large as 400 and as small as 5 or 6. 

I can come to your party and teach dances and then put them back on at the end of the evening and dance them again. 

I have taught brides maids how to do a line dance for the wedding reception and I have done large college groups as well.

Line dancing is great because you don't necessarily need a dance partner. It is good for your health and yet doesn't take a great deal of energy if you want to just take it easy.


Below is a list of Line Dances that I can teach your group:

Cupid Shuffle

Cha Cha Slide

Electric Slide

Slap Leather

Good Time

Georgia Peaches

Mexican Cha Cha


Bomshel Stomp

Stroll Along Cha