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Here is my 1st Release:


Billy the Kid by Chris LeDoux

Here is my 2nd Release:


Where the Stars and Strips and the Eagle Fly by Aaron Tippin

Video Lessons by Saddlebrooke Squares on Links Page

Florida Georgia Line's Cruise produced by Wade Driver at Rhythm Records

My wife and I started a Caller Run club in Maple Valley called MVPs. Maple Valley Plus dances at the Cedar Grange in Maple Valley on the Fourth Friday of each month from 7-9 pm. No club dues...pay at the door. We do not currently hold Rounds in between tips.

If you'd like to become a Charter Member, you can order an MVP Badge ($10 each) and we will include the Charter Member bar until State Festival 2019.

Please come out and join us for a great time of Plus Dancing in the Central Puget Sound area.